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Corlé LaForce, MA, LPC, SEP (she/her) is a psychotherapist who provides individual counseling to adults. She enjoys helping people heal from anxiety, depression, and trauma. Her interest in trauma work includes working with people who have experienced sexual assault, intergenerational trauma, motor vehicle accidents, and BIPOC racialized trauma. As a former doula, Corlé loves working with people who are frightened of labor and delivery, or had traumatic births. Corlé is trained in Somatic Experiencing which is a body-awareness based modality used to treat trauma stored in the nervous system.  


In addition to Somatic Experiencing, Corlé uses inner-compassion, parts work, curiosity, and other mindfulness-awareness based modalities to address our deepest wounds. Her favorite modality is Psychosynthesis, a lesser known but extremely powerful technique used to heal the inner child and deepen self-actualization and authenticity. Corlé also provides mindfulness-awareness facilitation to groups.  

Corlé’s background as a therapist at AWARE informs her understand of acute and chronic traumatic stress due to sexual assault. In addition to providing talk therapy, Corlé also offers trauma-informed touch-based psychotherapy for regulation and resilience. Though not suited for everyone, touch psychotherapy can assist in helping release trauma stored in the body. It is especially effective for people who experienced early childhood trauma due to the way the brain develops. Early childhood trauma is stored as a felt sensation which is why working with the body’s language can be more effective. 

It is a priority to Corlé to work from a place of cultural humility. As a BIPOC identified therapist, Corlé understands the importance of honoring our marginalized experience. Corlé works to practice from the stance of hearing, believing, witnessing, trusting, seeing, and honoring that which is in you and that which is beyond you in the world of your ancestors. 

To schedule a free consultation or set up a session, please contact Corlé at

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