Evelyn's massage practice is currently closed and will reopen in September, 2021. Evelyn does not currently offer coaching, but will shift to Master's-level counseling in Jan, 2022. She will continue to do massage for non-counseling clients.

Evelyn Bass, SEP, LMT

Evelyn (she/her) is a somatic coaching practitioner who helps clients to create more satisfying and impactful lives.


Evelyn's focus is on strengthening resilience; resolving trauma; opening and enlivening the client's "stance" in life to allow for more possibility; and helping clients to embody their fullest selves.


Evelyn is trained in and strongly influenced by the latest research on attachment therapy. Human beings are meant to be strongly and pleasantly connected with each other to feel safe, satisfied, and capable of reaching for greater accomplishments and goals.


Among other techniques, Evelyn uses Somatic Experiencing, a technique known in the therapeutic community for addressing shock trauma, relational trauma, and developmental trauma, particularly at the level of the nervous system. Evelyn is also a licensed massage therapist and offers holistic massage and bodywork appointments at the Deeper Light Office.

"Working with Evelyn was very powerful for me. I learned at a core level how to set boundaries and was able to then set clear limits with my sister from a place of dignity and love. This has permanently changed my family's dynamics and I feel like I have my sister back!"

--Somatic Coaching Client

Evelyn's Offerings

Models of healing and transformation that are fundamental to the work I do:


I am an experienced practitioner of medically therapeutic massage who is passionate about the importance of caring touch.

Sessions are generally around an hour unless otherwise discussed. Hot stone therapy is available upon request. Thai massage may be available -- please inquire if interested.

Relaxation Massage is $105 (includes 5% city sales tax, required when patients are treated without a referral).

Medical Massage with a referral:

-Flat copay is $25 unless insurance pays more than 80%

-Appointments that are billed by me on your behalf, but are not covered by insurance for any reason (including because the amount went to the deductible), can be paid on a sliding scale of $100 - $160.


I will bill most insurances. Read below for exceptions to this.

Please note that the Aetna retiree plan has was grandfathered into current fair coverage policies (meaning it does not have to adopt them), and currently does not cover massage unless supervised by a doctor. I am happy to recommend to you local therapists being supervised by a doctor. 

Any plan administered by Aetna, as well as all Blue Cross Federal Employee plans*, require that patients receive an "adjunct treatment" on the same day as receiving massage, such as chiropractic or physical therapy. This might not be true when using the more technical code for massage, which is often called for in my work. For the above reasons, I provide superbills for all patients insured by the Blue Cross Federal Employee Plan or whose plans are administered by Aetna. To my knowledge, none of my patients have ever had a problem obtaining reimbursement from a superbill. I do not charge a copay with superbills, and payment is due at the time that insurance pays you, or within 45 days, whichever is first.

*Please note that the "Basic" Blue Cross Federal plan will only cover massage billed by a preferred provider. I have chosen not to be a preferred provider at this time, but I am happy to recommend local massage therapists who are preferred providers.

Somatic Coaching

$115 per single session

$285 for three session bundle

These prices include city sales tax.

I am a licensed massage therapist and massage services are reimburseable by most insurances.

Somatic Experiencing and other somatic coaching services on this page are not reimburseable by insurance. The exception to this is when a portion of the session is devoted to using touch/manual therapy to release muscular tension. In order to bill for this portion of the session, a referral is required. The referral needs to have a diagnosis relevant to the area of muscular tension being addressed. 

Over 20% of my practice is devoted to pro-bono and sliding-scale work. I am not currently taking new pro-bono or sliding-scale clients. However, inquiry is encouraged for those who feel they would qualify, as I do keep a waiting list.