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More connection is suddenly possible - Deeper Light Psychotherapy
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We offer a variety of group sessions. Below are some of our  offerings. We offer specific groups depending on demand, so please be in touch if you are interested in enrolling in a group!








Creating and Sustaining Satisfying Relationships: This couples group is designed for individuals who are currently in a committed relationship. This group focuses on increasing both intimacy and independence within our committed romantic relationships; recognizing different attachment styles and how people with different attachment styles can attune to each other; fluency in the languages of love and the 4 horsemen that undermine successful relationships; exercises around centering and redirecting to improve our ability to negotiate difficult moments; exercises around recognizing what is happening in our own bodies when we are triggered by our partner.


Resilient Parenting focuses on developing our parenting and family-building strengths; fostering connection with our children; relaxing our own nervous systems to be more calm, present and attuned to our children; and increasing our ability to set boundaries and limits.


Gratitude Circle: This lunch-hour group is modeled after a traditional tea ceremony. The focus of the group is to cultivate and nurture a strong sense of gratitude in our lives.





Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse (csa): This group is intended to create a safe and empowering space for adult survivors of csa to learn to increase body awareness and ease within their own bodies, to recognize and build upon existing sources of resilience and to build their capacity for creating healthy boundaries while allowing room for satisfying relationship. This group includes a perspective that couches csa within the uneven power dynamics of broader social structure. This group is not intended for survivors of sexual abuse who have also been offenders. If you are a survivor of sexual abuse who has also been an offender, please call us to set up individual sessions.


Adult Survivors of Parents with Mental Illness or Personality Disorders: More soon.


We offer a variety of groups on an on-demand basis and will be listing more soon.




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