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Juneau Medical Massage Referral List


Massage Therapists and Clinics Currently Taking New Clients

(A list of trans-affirming massage therapists is at the bottom of the page.)


Independent Massage Therapists


  • Rebecca Sheeran, LMT

    • o   907-419-7038 or

    • o   Downtown location

    • o   Bills some insurances directly and provides superbills

    • o   Specializes in deep tissue and myofascial release

  • Kelsey Duke, LMT

    • (916) 267-3803 text or call

    • Energy Works in the Valley. Also travels for in home massage.

    • Accepts cash, check or venmo; provides superbills upon request

    • Specializes Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, prenatal.





  • Barbara (Bobbi)Mitchell, LMT

    • Texts are best: 907-957-2417

    • Valley location; also travels for home appointments if the patient has their own massage table

    • Accepts cash and checks

    • Specializes in Lymphatic Drainage and Intuitive Deep Tissue Medical Massage​

Massage Clinics (You do not have to see the doctors or chiropractors to get a massage at these clinics, but you do need to have a massage referral. Please note that clinics tend to have rates that are significantly higher than those of independent massage therapists.)


  • Jones Chiropractic: 907-500-4888

    • Three excellent and experienced massage therapists

    • 2215 Jordan Ave

    • Bills insurance directly

    • Quiet, calm atmosphere

  • Fireweed Chiropractic: 907-790-4053

    • A number of excellent and experienced massages

    • 8800 Glacier Hwy

    • Bills insurance directly

  • Juneau Bone and Joint: 907-364-2663

    • 3220 Hospital Dr. 

    • Several excellent and experienced massage therapists and Jennifer Siner (a lovely MT) runs the MT and PT departments here


    • Bills insurance directly

  • Arctic Chiropractic: 907-790-3771

    • 2243 Jordan Ave

    • Five excellent and experienced massage therapists

    • Peaceful, supportive atmosphere

    • Saturday and evening appointments available

    • Bills insurance directly

Trans-affirming MTs in Juneau:

Cherri Bell (she/her) -- Already works with trans and non-binary clients and happy to accept more people into her practice.



Bobby Mitchell (she/her)  -- Would be honored to work with trans and non-binary clients



Rachel Barth (she/her) -- Would welcome working with trans and non-binary clients. She has openings, but works at a chiropractic clinic, so scheduling would be done through the clinic. Either need an existing doctor's referral for massage or need to go through the chiropractor. Insurance is best since massage is more expensive at a clinic.


Michele Drummond (she/her) -- Considers herself an ally for all peoples. While her practice is currently full, she could accommodate the occasional request for work if other therapists are unavailable. Would be available every four weeks or so if someone did become able to fit into her practice.



Rebecca Albert (she/her) -- Her practice is totally full and she is unable to accept requests for work at this time. However, she holds a space of care and support for trans and non-binary people. She will let me know if her availability changes. 


Evelyn Bass -- My practice is currently full but would very much welcome working with trans and non-binary clients should I have openings in the future.

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